Read Deeper. Dive in.

The most important things in life aren’t surface-level or hurried. They often require us to be deliberate and thoughtful.

Rebind is a new way to experience books, one that enhances the careful practice of reading, reflecting, and writing. Exercise your imagination.

Choose a Timeless Classic

Pick up those books you’ve always wanted to read—this time, with the tools you need to finish them in our AI-enriched e-reading app.

Engage With Exclusive Video Content

Prepare to read with beautifully-produced films, embedded right in the book, starring your reading guide, the “Rebinder”.

Gain Deeper Insight in Conversation

Explore the Rebinder’s personal interpretation. At pivotal moments, converse with our AI model, the first-of-its-kind enhanced with original content.

Read Actively and Thoughtfully

Highlight, react, and make notes while reading to personalize your conversations with the Rebinder.

Write about Your Thoughts

Be inspired by your conversations to collect your thoughts in writing. Create your own Rebind by developing your interpretation of a classic.

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Roxane Gay

August 2024

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Derren Brown

September 2024

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Doris Kearns Goodwin

October 2024

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Marlon James

December 2024

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Margaret Atwood

February 2025

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